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Year Round Advertising with Promotional Calendars

There are extremely few promotional items that provide year advertising but a promotional calendar does just that round! With the introduction of iPhones and Blackberrys even, promotional calendars remain popular still, suggesting customers aren’t going to abandon this paper alternate… not yet just. The longevity of a calendar is its primary appeal because it gets the potential to… Read More »

Celebrating Chinese Festivals

Lately, the Chinese celebrated their Chinese Fresh Year with great festivity around the world, welcoming the entire season of the Golden Rabbit. Traditional Chinese foods were prepared, homes of Chinese families had been swept clean to operate a vehicle away ill-fortune. Crimson couplets and paper-cuts bearing Chinese calligraphy in dark with varying desires of fortune were set up,… Read More »

New Year’s Project: To Reflect and Project

The Ancient Romans used the God Janus to depict New Year’s. Since he’s the God of beginnings, the guardian side and entrances and is generally sculpted with an encounter on leading and back again of his mind to ensure that he can appearance both ahead and backwards simultaneously, he was selected to become the namesake for the 1st… Read More »

How to Stand Out In A Crowd Of Job Applicants

The other night I saw a TV program discussing the way the number of applications for holiday retail jobs is surging. But with most companies either reducing seasonal help or eliminating it altogether significantly, it?s a complete great deal tougher to get that supplemental income most of us need thus badly. One woman who was simply interviewed stated… Read More »

The Calendar Year 2010 – When the Decade Ends

It is New Year’s Eve, 2009. I’ve been online reading about the new 10 years which begins, in the estimation of some, tomorrow; the first time of 2010. While this may sound good, and the beginnings and ends to items are constantly news-worthy milestones, as a mathematician Personally i think it really is my duty to straighten out… Read More »